Wednesday, 12th of August 2020

Gas measuring test tracks Dungs

Dungs ranks among the world leaders in the production of components and systems for gas safety and control systems. For the production site in Urbach the company decided to improve its already high quality standard by the construction of a new gas measuring test track. The necessary compressed air has to comply with accurate state conditions for various tests of their gas control devices.

In close cooperation with the in-house architects an installation was created in a relatively small space which is without equal in terms of control quality and flexibility. The technical control room was installed on 2 floors in the adjoining room. An intermediate ceiling made of steel girders was built to install the tube bundle heat exchangers, cyclone separators and the air recirculation cooling system.

In this control room ambient air is sucked and precompressed in a first step. The air is repressed via a rotatory blower. This compressed, warm air now is cooled, dried and heated again in several steps. The gas measuring test tracks then are provided individually by pressure control valves.

At this point we want to thank again all involved persons of the Dungs company for the fantastic cooperation.